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Poor Baby

I decided to take my baby to the doctor because I noticed two bald spots that kept getting bigger. Would you believe she was diagnosed with alopecia areata at 2 years old and they thought it was Lupus. The dermatologist told me to use Rogaine.

I decided to create my Growth and Thicken Paste with plants just for her and it grew her hair back in the bald areas. I used the Growth and Thicken Paste everyday until i saw a good amount of growth. It was time (3 weeks later) for the follow up visit with the dermatologist to check her progress from using the Rogaine I never used. When he saw the progress he was all smiles saying "I told you the Rogaine would work".

I couldn't keep the secret any longer. I laughed and said Doc all the growth that you are seeing is from me using natural remedies, Plants saved her from going completely bald with no side effects. The doc then said well you know natural is better. Meanwhile i'm saying in my head you really wanted me to use Rogaine in my child's head hmmm.... Rogaine with side effects hmmmm.... she was just turning 2 hmmm.. you will never see us again. CRAZINESS  

Why would I subject my 2yr old baby to Rogaine 😔