Flourish & Flaunt Hair Bundle

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Experience the ultimate hair care bundle! With the set, you'll get a variety of natural hair products that work together to cleanse, condition, hydrate and nourish your tresses like never before. The Flourish Aloe Shampoo cleanses hair without stripping the nutrients the hair needs to stay healthy, strong and hydrated. Pair it with our Flaunt Aloe Conditioner to help maintain softness and moisturization. The Kerry Berry Growth Oil gently penetrates the scalp to stimulate growth while the Moisture Shock Hair Butter softens and moisturizes strands to create a healthy shine. The Flourish & Flaunt Hair Bundle is the perfect complement to your natural hair care routine, so treat yourself to luxurious hair care that keeps your look on point — no matter what type of style you have!

8 oz Flourish Aloe Shampoo

8 oz Flaunt Aloe Conditioner

4 oz Kerry Berry Growth Oil

4 oz Moisture Shock Hair Butter